Ways to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

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Impotence is a male sexual dysfunction and its healing depends on the patient sees this affection, and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Equally important is the understanding the man receives from his partners. The treatment depends, first of all, on the causes, and the patient can choose from conventional or traditional   medicine.

Conventional medicine

The first choice of many urologists, in severe cases of erectile dysfunction is a vacuum device, especially for older men. This tool draws blood into the penis, creating a negative pressure around it; a rubber ring is then positioned at the base of the penis to maintain erection. The ring should be removed after 30 minutes to restart circulation.

An erection can be also produced by injection of papaverine or prostaglandin before intercourse, these drugs can improve the bloodstream.

Testosterone injections are useful for some men, but there is no certain level of hormone to guarantee potency.

The administration of pentoxifylline an hour or two before intercourse may be useful in cases of reduced vascular flow.

Other sexual stimulants may be psychologically useful to certain men.

If it is considered that the origin is psychological, it is crucial to analyze your relationship and to examine other possible sources of stress in life. In these cases, an experienced therapist can help to remove the harmful issues such as unjustified feelings of guilt; anxiety related to performance or inhibited attitudes toward sex, which were taught at a young age. In this case a quiet living environment and a healthy diet can remove and prevent ED.

Traditional medicine

Treatment options for young people usually avoid prescription drugs. A natural remedy is a good alternative because it is gentle and causes no side effects. Herbs are known to be the best alternative for body care. They are widely used and are effective and safe. It is also unlikely that a young man wants to take Viagra pills because they are considered to be an old men remedy.

A 100% natural treatment for impotence is that based on ginseng: this increases the resistance of body and helps the proper functioning of the nervous system. You can find in any drugstore, but it is best to talk with your urologist before buying pills or ointments.

Neither herbal product should be avoided when you are looking for a treatment for impotence. The best herbs to treat impotence are: devil’s weedor Tribullus terrestris, Fairy Wings or Epimedium sagittatum, Lepidium meyenii also known as maca, Muira Pauma (an Amazonian plant used not only in treating impotence, but also as an aphrodisiac), saffron, basil, and ginger (especially root).