Erectile dysfunction and heart disease

admin 25 May, 2018 0

Many patients do not know that constant erection disorders may hide more serious diseases such as diabetes.

More than 90% of men with erectile dysfunction do not treat this condition. Most people who try to solve the problem by themselves choose therapies that do not work, and only 4% go to the doctor to get medical treatment, according to the latest study on the subject.

The percentage of those who suffer from erectile dysfunction is very high, but the number of treated patients is very small. Many times in the absence of good results, patients lose their self-esteem and become anxious or depressed. Stress, a constant tension and a rich in fats decreased the age at which men begin to have erection problems to 35. But few men have the courage to go to see doctor and talk about their sexual performance.

Erectile dysfunction is an indicator of health because it can occur due to diseases such as diabetes, sclerosis, stroke, cardiovascular disease, or obesity. Therefore men over 40 who suffer from erectile dysfunction must do all typical tests for detection of diseases that may occur at this age.

There is a close connection between erectile dysfunction and other diseases of the heart. This disease is a warning signal for the installation of heart disease risk factors being the same as in heart disease: high cholesterol, high fat foods, sedentary lifestyle, and diabetes. This is explained by the fact that erectile dysfunction caused by the narrowing of blood vessels that enter the penis lowering the amount of blood necessary for a normal erection. This happens a few years before cardiac problems caused by the narrowing of heart arteries.

A man with erectile dysfunction is a potential suspect for cardiac or vascular accident until a doctor sees him. Diagnosis is made by an urologist, based on discussions with the patient and blood tests to determine lipids, carbohydrates, an EKG and blood pressure.

Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age, but in young is rather due to psychological causes and is a couple problem that can be solved if the partners communicate very well or with the help of a psychologist. Conjectural erectile dysfunction can be caused by loss of job, money problems, fatigue etc. Erectile dysfunction may also have mixed causes: psychological and biological. Smoking, drugs, alcohol abuse, anxiety, anger inhibition or expression can promote erectile dysfunction.

If the disease is organic in nature, it is resolved with the help of drugs, injections or implants. If it is related to depression, stress or other disorders, it is resolved through advice from a psychotherapist.