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Silagra description and usage

Silagra, a Cipla product, is one of the most sought after treatments for men who suffer erectile dysfunction. While side effects depend greatly on each person, it’s always recommended to learn what are some common side effects when taking this medication, so you know what to expect.

They often range from mild to severe, and from common to rare. First of all, it’s important to note that Silagra should not be used more than once every 24 hours, or it’ll be considered and overdose. It’s also important to take your pill with a full glass of water, avoiding high-fat food and alcoholic drinks.

Some common mild effects you can experience after you take the pill are facial flushing (feeling warm on the face or neck), stuffy nose, headaches and slight vertigo. Among others, though not as common are stomach and memory problems. All of these is temporary and should fade away after a few hours. To avoid feeling dizzy or lightheaded, try getting up very slowly if you’re lying down or sitting.

There are times when symptoms can be a bit more severe and considerably uncomfortable, such as mild back pains, vertigo, strange heartbeat rhythm, vision problems, trouble breathing and swelling (feed, hands, ankles). Silagra can also cause diarrhea, continuous vertigo, mild chest pains and hearing problems. If you find these to be too much for you, call a doctor immediately.

As everything in life, there are worst-case scenarios, though they are very rare, that may take place when using the medication. Some of them can be fainting, heavy chest pains, partial blindness or deafness, numbness (chest, arms, legs or any other part of the body), seizure, ringing in the ears or painful erection.

Even though these last effects are rarely common on people who take the medicine, it’s better to have all important information at hand. If you start feeling strange and experience one or more of the side effects listed above, don’t hesitate and call your doctor immediately, or go to a hospital.

Before you start taking Silagra, it’s important to check with your doctor if you’re not allergic to it. If you start feeling allergy symptoms after you take the drug, call your doctor. These symptoms might be rash, swelling of your face or mouth, numbness of tongue, severe trouble breathing or chest pains). It’s also important to check with your doctor if you’re taking other sort of medication. This drug is often contraindicated if you are currently taking nitrate drugs (common if you recently had a heart attack or a stroke), or if you’re under HIV/AIDS medication.

Men with erectile dysfunction all around the world have found Silagra to be their “miracle pill”, but it’s important to consider the possible side effects it might have so you can take it without problems.