Erectile dysfunction and heart disease

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Many patients do not know that constant erection disorders may hide more serious diseases such as diabetes. More than 90% of men with erectile dysfunction do not treat this condition. Most people who try to solve the problem by themselves choose therapies that do not work, and only 4% go to the doctor to get […]

How is ED Diagnosed?

Remember, your doctor or healthcare provider is the single best source of information regarding you and your health. Please consult your doctor if you have any questions about your health, your symptoms, or your medication. Introduction If you think you have erectile dysfunction (ED) and you are thinking about going to see your doctor, you […]

Erectile Dysfunction – Prescription Pills with Online Doctors

There are a number of reasons why you want to make sure to get prescription pills as soon as you have erectile dysfunction. You will quickly notice that your partner will become antsy if you cannot give them what they want in terms of the sexual intercourse. After a while you will realize just how […]

Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

Generally, erectile dysfunction can be primary, in this case a man never obtain an erection, and secondary when problems occur after a period in which sex life was normal. There is also a third form of erectile dysfunction, but it installs with age. Most men are confronted throughout life, with secondary erectile dysfunction. There are […]

Best oral erectile dysfunction treatment

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Why use oral erectile dysfunction treatment? Because erectile dysfunction can lead to serious misunderstandings in couples choose to treat your impotence by now, for both you and your partner will enjoy a happy sex life afterwards. Although erectile dysfunction is a very old problem, it started to concern people only a few decades years before, […]